Lievaart asked for a discount.

She is a beginner.

Dale has been away too long.


He who seeks wisdom is a wise man, he who thinks he's found it is a fool.


Yuka fell in love the moment she was introduced to the newly-appointed English teacher.

Lowell may testify.

They always go skiing in the winter.

Jack acknowledged that he had made a mistake.

The bad weather prevented me from leaving.

He's my hero.

I know where she lives.

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How are things between you two?


I accept your conditions.

Would you tell him we're back?

Any comments will be gratefully appreciated.


He's not interested in a relationship.

Lana opened the window to get some fresh air.

One police officer is dead.

I hurt my back.

Leith asked Rathnakumar why she was laughing.

I am assumed to go to London.

The river's water level has risen.

You've got to tell me when that's going to happen.

The report is not quite finished.

What are you inferring?

One of my friends is studying abroad.

You might want this.

Tickets are available from any choir member or may be purchased at the door.

Squirrels are very good climbers.

Ami usually comes here on Mondays.

There will be an answer.

I'll pay the money for your lunch today.


Let's split up and look for Susumu.

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We have to make sure Claire knows what he's supposed to do.

I have something to ask them.

We try to follow up on every complaint.


I don't want to write satire. However, satire is often the result.

Shari likes to cook Chinese food.

Has anybody else seen this?

You will be rewarded.

K-cups have a large environmental impact.


Don't let what he said get to you. He was just getting back at you for what you said.

I recognized her by her fiery red hair.

He made a determination to be a doctor.

Can you wait a little while?

Barney balled his hands into fists.

What have you done, my lord, with the dead body?

How's my dad doing?


To the best of my knowledge, he is innocent.

No one understands you.

We arrived in Boston late at night.

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I usually cut loose a bit and drink plenty before a day off work but if my drinks are cut with tochu tea then I get absolutely no hangover.

I'm a cocaine addict.

We tied with the other team for first place.

Nobody believed he stood a chance of winning the match.

We should do that again.

With regard to your letter of July 22nd, I enclose our most recent catalogue.

Bradley threw Jayesh a surprise birthday party.

The hamster has stuffed cheeks.

Merton gave me this CD for Christmas.


He was exposed to many dangers.


What was the name of that movie?


This should help.

Let's move on to the next item.

I could go there now.

Tatoeba is just a website.

It was not long before we heard the news.

Jeanette is such a diffident man. He seems to have quite low self-esteem.

She never forgave him the infidelity and held it over him every chance that she got.

I've taught Toft everything I know.

Let's not use our real names.

What could you possibly want with that?

You don't even care.

I burned the trash.

This error could cost you your life.

I'm tired of swimming.

Please buy a few apples.

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I've been really lonely these past two weeks.

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Spike used to torment his younger brother.

I am really curious, how do you two know each other?

Edgar de Wahl is the creator of Interlingue.

Sport plays an important role in his life.

We deceived ourselves as to the reward.

Nine players make up a team.

Kelly carries the news department.


He is not all there.


When will we get there?

You will hurt yourself.

There's something weird happening.

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Tell them I'll be right over.

Please don't make me do that again.

Are you studying languages, too?


Things have calmed down.

I did exactly what you told me to do.

That's how I feel about him.


When Ginny heard the doorbell ring, he said, "Who could that be?"

I could find out who that guy is.

That scientist is responsible for many discoveries.

Shaw had better hurry or he'll miss the bus.

The plan has worked well as yet.


Hein isn't interested in a promotion at the moment.

Carter admitted that he always has trouble remembering names.

I ate a fresh lemon for the vitamin C.

Pia is quite aggressive.

My mother was born in the heartland of America, but my father grew up herding goats in Kenya.


Don't take out the books on this shelf.


Roses are beautiful.

I am working with them towards world peace.

Every language has its own design.


His boots and pants were covered with mud.

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One can't play baseball here.


Would you tell Izzy we're back?

You're using that dictionary as a crutch. You don't really need it.

Clarence doesn't get outdoors much.

I saw a man yesterday eating from a garbage can.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


Hundreds of extrasolar planets have been discovered.

You're in love, aren't you? I can see it.

I'll take care of it personally.

Now try this.

I hope you don't miss anything.


Under supervision, he looks after his clients much better.


Wendy peeled the banana and ate it.

I will try next week.

Love is blind, but jealousy can see even nonexistent things.


The building on the mountain is our school.

So what's the big mystery?

We must speak.

John comes from Florida and his wife from California.

Ramses II was an Egyptian pharaoh.

This is an obscene site.

Elwood apologized to his teammates.


His wife was weighed down with various worries.

Nathan is starting to relax.

I was gonna ask that same question.

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The boat is sinking.

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It was not until I entered this university that I got acquainted with her.

What do you think Toufic is doing now?

I'm buying writing paper, stamps and some tissues.

She looks very sick.

I never deceived you.

I never should've listened to you.

John is quarrelsome, isn't he?


Thanks for loving a fool like me.

If anybody comes, tell him that I am out.

Was Antonella asleep?

Tracey says he likes horror movies.

I'm only bringing two suitcases.

In the end, we ended up eating at that shabby restaurant.

Reiner and Bret are both unmarried.

It's not like her to be late.

Connie loves watching Carl dance.

You need to come here tomorrow.

Who gains by the victim's death?


Shut the door behind you.

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I damaged one.

I'll ask my father for money.

Mother is anxious about my future.

I didn't realize Harv was married.

I had been studying mathematics about an hour, when I felt sleepy.


Penny often brings Root with him when he comes here.